Pityafinwe Ambarussa, or Amras, is the sixth son of Feanor in GondolinRPG.



Pityafinwe Ambarussa

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Maedhros, Maglor, Celegorm, Caranthir, Curufin, Amrod






House of Feanor


In the Silmarillion, Amras was the seventh son of Feanor and twin brother of Amrod. Their lands were to the south of Nan Elmoth and west of the river Gelion, and they were known as great hunters. In Morgoth's Ring, Amras slept on one of the Telerin ships after landing at Losgar, and subsequently died in the burning, fulfilling his mother's prophecy that at least one of her sons would not set foot on Middle Earth.


In GondolinRPG, the twins suffer from a certain degree of identity confusion, to the point of getting switched around entirely after Losgar. For the purposes of the game, Amras is the elder twin and Amrod is the younger, as was revealed during the fake rings plotline.

Amras was the more aggressive and passionate of the twins, becoming more so with time, and was slightly better than Amrod at hand-to-hand combat. In their twin combination technique in combat, he was mainly concerned with attacking. He was also less mentally and emotionally stable than Amrod, prone to Russa smashes and periods of confusion, particularly towards the end of his life.

Along with their brothers, the twins established themselves at the Havens of Sirion and had many adventures, including meeting the Silvan twins: Amras is married to Auriel, the younger. He was made the bearer of the Ring of Dream, made by Curufin, although he later switched with Amrod and wore the Ring of Fate.

Amras was taken captive during a mission into Angband while attempting to slay the Dark Lord. He was held and tortured by the demon TJ and eventually cracked and swore allegiance to Morgoth. He was released in a mentally damaged state and sent to attack his own brothers, but was healed by the Silmarils. Later, the demon returned and engaged Amras in single combat. He was killed in the duel and his wife Auriel committed suicide immediately afterward.

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