Telufinwe Umbarto, or Amrod, is the youngest son of Feanor in GondolinRPG.



Telufinwe Umbarto

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Maedhros, Maglor, Celegorm, Caranthir, Curufin, Amras






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In the Silmarillion, Amrod was the sixth son of Feanor and twin brother of Amras. Their lands were to the south of Nan Elmoth and west of the river Gelion, and they were known as great hunters. In Morgoth's Ring, Amrod was the surviving twin who did not die in the burning of the ships at Losgar, and he alone went on to die at the Kinslaying of the Havens of Sirion.


In GondolinRPG, the twins suffer from a certain degree of identity confusion, to the point of getting switched around entirely after Losgar. For the purposes of the game, Amras is the elder twin and Amrod is the younger, as was revealed during the fake rings plotline.

As the twin who should have died at Losgar, Amrod is haunted by having cheated fate and suffers from bad luck and cold hands, as well as believing that he should not be alive and brings bad luck to people. He has been healed to some extent by Cirdan and Undomiel, although remains the more subdued of the twins. In their twin combination attack, Amrod is largely concerned with defence.

More recently, they established themselves along with their brothers at the Havens of Sirion and had many adventures. Amrod was made the bearer of the Ring of Fate, made by Curufin, although he later switched with Amras and wore the Ring of Dream. After Amras's death, Amrod wore both rings simultaneously, giving him powerful abilities to manipulate the threads of fate, as well as severe side-effects.

Amrod is noted as a skilled duelist for defeating Sir Soth the death knight in a duel, and later killing TJ in a challenge of hunting as one of the Three Duels. He has been deeply shaken by his twin's death, and although he has avenged him by slaying TJ, he is focused on the 'last stabs' he will deal to Morgoth at the end of the war, in revenge for everything that Morgoth has done to him and his family.