Turkafinwe Tyelkormo, or Celegorm, is the third son of Feanor in GondolinRPG.



Turkafinwe Tyelkormo

Date of Birth

Years of the Trees

Place of Birth









Maedhros, Maglor, Caranthir, Curufin, Amrod, Amras






House of Feanor


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Celegorm met the daughter of Lenwe of the Nandor, sister of Denethor, and married her after a long complicated courtship. He left for war, not knowing that at the time his wife was pregnant with a child, and enough happened afterwards that he thought it best that he not come back for a long while, especially since he wasn't successful at having a good relationship with her father politically and saw the whole thing a wash. When he learned that she had given birth to a son more than a century after her death, it changed him dramatically and let ultimately to furthering the bloodshed at the battle in Menegroth when learning that his son had been sold to Eol the Dark Elf as a servant and was believed dead. When he was killed in the ensuing battle, he refused the summons of Mandos, staying in Beleriand to search for his son, unwilling to believe him dead, and eventually was able to find him when his son, Nar, came out from the shadow of Angband and into Gondolin; after that for a time he haunted Nar as a ghost before being given a body once more. Now he is back to normal, working as head of his household, his soldiers and so on, training Nar to take over the family business and teaching him as much as he can with complete expectation that at some point he will himself die and it will be permanent next time.


Celegorm is fiercely protective of his son. Fatherhood is not something he ever expected, and his own personality change was unexpected as well. He found himself wanting very much to prove to his son that he was worth being a father, after everything Nar had been through he wanted Nar to not see him as the evil person that the Doriathrim had depicted him to be.

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