Egalmoth, is Lord of the House of Heavenly Arch in Gondolin in the Gondolinrpg.


Appeared as a Noldorin Elf and leader of the House of the Heavenly Arch in, "The Fall of Gondolin" (HoMe 2). Egalmoth was said to wear a "blue mantle upon which the stars were broidered in crystal and his sword was bent [...] yet he trusted rather to the bow, and shot therewith further than any among the host." (HoMe 2) During the Fall of Gondolin he had charge of the "engines upon the wall", and was later injured during the stand in the King's square. Egalmoth survived the Fall and travelled down Sirion with the other survivors. He was later killed during the Third Kinslaying. In HoMe 11, Egalmoth was named as one of Aredhel's escort's, with Glorfindel and Ecthelion, at the time she left Gondolin; and in notes Tolkien named these three the "most eminent and bravest chieftains"HoMe 11 (p.328). However, Tolkien later said that these three should not be named as escorts due to that latter fact and so the canonicity of Egalmoth's role in this episode is debatable.


One of the quieter Lords of Gondolin, if quiet can be a word used to describe any denzien in that City. Egalmoth is Lord of the House of the Heavenly Arch and seems to be trying to create his own dynasty; or his daughter is at least.



Egalmoth (Quenya: Aegamloth)

Date of birth

TT: 1237

Place of Birth









Aeloth (sister)




Caranmoth (son) Maril (daughter) Sulmoth (son)


House of the Heavenly Arch House of Turgon House of Fingolfin House of Finarfin

Husband to a painter named Elanna. Father to three children: Caranmoth (son), Maril (daughter) and Sulmoth (son). Egalmoth also has a grandson named Antien; and a son-in-law.

Egalmoth was born in Tirion before the Darkening.

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