Enerdhil Rog, is Lord of the House of the Hammer of Wrath in Gondolin in the Gondolinrpg.



Enerdhil is the best jewelsmith, second only to Feanor (Untold Tales). It is speculated that he is the creator of the Elessar.

Rog is the lord of the House of the Hammer of Wrath in, "The Fall of Gondolin" (HoMe 2). His people are smiths and craftsmen, and "red gold and black iron was their delight." This courageous and strong house, lead by Rog, fought with maces and had heavy shields. Their emblem was the stricken anvil, but their shields showed "a hammer that smiteth sparks about it,"



Rog was born soon after Feanor and is among the eldest of the second generation of the Eldar in Aman. As a result, he has always grown up in admiration of Feanor. Rog became a smith and stonecutter like his father and eventually showed such talent that he was named an Aulendil, Lover of Aule.

Rog followed Feanor and arrived at Middle-earth via one of the ships of the Teleri that are later burned. After Feanor's death, Rog switched his allegiance to Maedhros, Feanor's son, and aided in the construction of Himring. Some time after that, Fingolfin decided to build a similar fortress at Eithel Sirion, and Maedhros then gifted the entire House of the Hammer to Fingolfin so that they could aid in the construction of Barad Eithel. He was later sent to Turgon to aid in the finishing touches of Vinyamar.

There was, at first, quite a bit of tension between them because Turgon blames Feanor for the death of his wife upon the Grinding Ice and Rog was a loyal follower of Feanor and continues to think well of the sons of Feanor. However, Turgon came to like Rog and won Rog's loyalty during his stay in Vinyamar. As a result, Rog worked on the building of Gondolin and disappeared into the Hidden Kingdom.

Rog has nondescript brown hair and dark grey eyes. His arms are very muscular from working in the forge. He fights with a great mace like a hammer and a heavy shield. He is usually seen as serious and severe, but he has a very gentle spirit despite his large, intimidating appearance. He married Mithrellas, the daughter of a fellow smith of the Hammer, during the Years of Long Peace, and they had a son named Rog (or Rogion if one accepts Rog to be Enerdhil's name). She fought in the Fifth Battle and died in the Nirnaeth Arnoediand, and Rog then renamed his house the Hammer of Wrath.

Rog and Galdor have always been best friends, but they began a romantic and sexual relationship later.