Falathar is an original character in the Gondolin RPG.


In the Silmarillion, Falathar is one of three mariners who accompany Earendil on his journey to the West. He was sent back to Middle-earth.


In GondolinRPG, Falathar is one of the followers of the Lord of the Fountain. He was born very shortly after the rise of
the Moon and before the rise of the Sun. His birth is considered extremely unusual because the people of Fingolfin did not know when they were going to reach Endor, and so he must've been consciously conceived on the Helcaraxe at a time when his parents didn't know that he would be born in Beleriand instead of the Grinding Ice. He's a devoted follower of the Fountain and believer in Ecthelion's philosophies. He's also Elemmakil's cousin.

Falathar loved Nevrast and spent a good amount of his time learning from the peoples of Cirdan, who was close in friendship to Turgon. As a result, Falathar also became quite a good mariner and used to sail up and down the coast to trade goods between Vinyamar and Eglarest and Brithombar. Because his sailors were usually single, handsome Noldorin men, he was also known as the Herald of Love in the Falas. Despite his experience sailing, he was not sent West because he has been held in reserve to sail West with the King himself should the time come when they have no choice but to all dare the dangerous voyage. As an aside, Falather is only serious when he's at Sea. He joined the sons of Feanor in a very strange adventure in Tata's tomb. He made it down to the Havens of the Mouths of Sirion.

Love LifeEdit

The love life of a Falathar is very difficult. You see, Falathars are loving creatures in general so have many lovers. Sometimes Falathars mate with only one for a given amount of time. These relationships never work out for reasons that are beyond his understanding. Notable relationships have been: Elthalion, Malvegil, Calandil. Falathars require a lot of care and sex. So far, only Calandil has been willing to do what needs to be done to keep his Falathar.

Theme SongEdit

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