The House of the King is one of the Twelve Houses of Gondolin.

The House of the King




Years of the Trees


White, Gold, Red



House DetailsEdit

The House of the King is under the personal command of Turgon. It is the largest of the twelve Houses of Gondolin and has no particular specialism, attracting Gondolindrim from all walks of life. Its military component is the King's Guard.

For a while, Turgon was not present in Gondolin, having gone to seek the Eagles. The city and the House of the King were ruled by his brother Argon, long believed to be dead and very like him in appearance. This came to an end when Argon's existence was formally recognised and he was granted a place as a prince of Gondolin in his own right.

Fall of GondolinEdit

In the Fall of Gondolin, the people of Turgon's house were not assigned to any particular route of evacuation but were free to leave. Many, particularly the King's Guard, remained with Turgon out of loyalty to him and perished as the city fell.

Notable MembersEdit

Turgon – King, father of Idril

Idril – Princess, daughter of Turgon, married to Tuor

Argon – Prince, brother of Turgon and Aredhel, husband of Tindariel.

TindarielRegent, wife of Argon, sister of Glorfindel (originally Golden Flower)

Mardil – Captain, engaged to Mithiel

Serwen – Chief handmaid to Idril, Yavannildi

Lothíriel – Baker, daughter of Alphros and Emeldir

Angelleth – Handmaid to Idril

Elwen – clerk to Argon (originally of the Harp)

Angathel – Soldier

Alfirin – ex-Captain (deceased)

Handir - Baker

Morno - Baker

Elentirmo – Ex-Captain (left Gondolin)

Aredhel – sister of Turgon and Argon, wife of Eol and mother of Maeglin.

Nolemíre – father of Meleth, husband of Aelothiel, (deceased).

Elendis, handmaiden, Yavannildi

Anardil – Captain, (originally of the Harp, deceased)

Alphros – soldier, husband of Emeldir, father of Lothíriel (deceased)

Emeldir – woodturner, wife of Alphros, mother of Lothíriel

Erio – Lieutenant


Aerlinde – wife of Voronwe, mother of Ilverin (deceased)

Meneldur – Soldier, second Captain of the King's Guard, once led the King’s guard in Elentirmo’s absence.

Halatir - briefly Captain of the King's Guard.

Calmacil – Soldier



All house emblems on the Houses of Gondolin pages come from here.

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