The House of the White Wing is one of the Twelve Houses of Gondolin.

The House of the White Wing




501 FA


White and Blue



House DetailsEdit

After Tuor's arrival in Gondolin, he was made a Lord and given leave to establish his own house by Turgon. The heraldry of the White Wing is based on the swans that led Tuor to Vinyamar. His was a small house, although populated by the stoutest folk in Gondolin.

Fall of GondolinEdit

In the Fall of Gondolin, Tuor's people were assigned to evacuate via the Eastern route, the underground tunnel. Tuor and Idril travelled together, and their son Eärendil was born at the Havens of Sirion.

Notable MembersEdit

Tuor – Lord, married to Idril

Voronwe – son of Aranwe and Maiwen, father of Ilverin. Warden of the Fishes of the King's Fountain.

Nessero – husband of Nelloth, father of Calandil and Niennel

Nelloth – wife of Nessero, mother of Calandil and Niennel (deceased)

Hendor – House Carl

Mallos – esquire to Tuor (once of the Golden Flower)


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