The King's Guard is a military organisation under the direct command of Turgon. It is charged with preserving the personal safety of the King and his family, maintaining order in Gondolin and upholding the King's law, and defending the city in case of attack.


The King's Guard is headed by an overall Captain, with several lieutenants. The post of Captain is a prestigious one, regarded as the highest attainable military rank in Gondolin. Captains may be appointed from any House, but traditionally put aside their allegiance to their Lord and are solely loyal to the King while holding the post. Past King's Captains have included:

  • Mardil, very briefly, killed in the Fall of Gondolin, destroying the King's Tower and a dragon by means of his mechanical horse.

Since the destruction of Gondolin, the King's Guard has not existed in any formal sense, and no new captain has been appointed.

Other InformationEdit

The King's Guard uniform is white and gold with red-plumed helmets.

The men of the King's Guard are known to frequent the Shining Helm pub while off duty.

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