Lasbaneth is an original character in the Gondolin RPG.




Date of Birth

ca. 1460 Years of the Trees

Place of Birth







name unknown








House of Feanor

When the Noldor returned from Aman, they set up camp on the shores of Lake Mithrim, in the lands of Annael Lord of Mithrim (distant kin to Thingol). Not all initial contacts with the Sindar were hostile, though some alliances remained precarious. To cement them, Annael yielded up his daughter Lasbaneth (only about fourty years at that time) for marriage to the House of Feanor. She was originally intended to marry Maedhros, but Lasbaneth and Maglor fell in love instead, and so were joined in ceremony, but chose to forego bodily union until she was of age in the customs of the Noldor. In the meantime she taught Maglor much of her people's language and customs (he speaks Sindarin with a Northern accent to this day). She was a pupil of Nestalinde for a while, but found healing was not for her, instead her guardian Tatharim who had become one of Maglor's followers by that time, took up this profession while she became Maglor's right hand in most things.

Although ridiculed as weak and a 'cave elf' by Curufin, Lasbaneth was a constant to Maglor through Maedhros' captivity in Angband and the subsequent trying times. She moved to Maglor's Gap with him but mistrusted the Long Peace and unknown to Maglor carried a small amount of poison with her in case of capture by Angband.

Unfortunately her mistrust proved justified in the year 455, the onset of the Dagor Bragollach, when Maglor's lands and fortress were overrun by Glaurung and his host. Rather than risk capture and enslavement, Lasbaneth committed suicide before the fortress was burned to the ground.

She was recently re-embodied and now lives in Tirion. Her name in Quenya is Vanalasse.

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